Pre-Configured Solutions

Since 1983 HAL Systems has been helping companies improve their bottom line by improving their warehouse management and asset tracking processes. The solutions range from simple, stand-alone applications to technically sophisticated and integrated systems. Using the configurable nature of our software, we’ve applied our decades to experience with real-world applications to developing preconfigured solutions to many common applications. This saves time and money, and reduces risk, in implementing a solution. Below are some of the more common preconfigured solutions.

Warehouse Management and Production

Baked Goods – Highlights the special lot and batch traceability and expiration date management required for both regulatory and profitability requirements.

Controlled Goods – Highlights the capabilities needed to track alcohol in accordance with state regulations.

Equipment Refurbishment – Highlights the capabilities needed to identify and remove installed equipment, return it to a rebuild facility, inspect/repair/test, add new components, and reinstall back to a field location.

Mobile Battery Service – Highlights the capabilities to replenish mobile service vans from a central warehouse and track through to use at a specific customer location.

HVAC Service – Highlights the benefits of tracking of mobile inventory in service vans used at specific customer locations, the dispatch of technicians to their mobile devices, and the automatic reporting of inventory used and technician hours on the mobile device for invoicing.

Omni-Channel Fulfillment – Describes the capabilities to use a single warehouse management system to receive and fulfill orders seamlessly from a walk-up counter, phone, eCommerce site and eBay.

Asset Tracking

Propane Tanks – Highlights the capabilities needed to track propane tank deliveries, refilling, and the use of a second language for the drivers.

Office Equipment – describes a basic solution for tracking office equipment.

Studio Props – highlights the capabilities needed to manage props at a film studio, including a mobile device function for the director to request the propos he needs at a specific location and time.

Service Equipment – highlights to capabilities needed to manage sophisticated service equipment from a central tool crib, including tracking of equipment calibration status.