Warehouse Management


Save Time and Money with HAL Warehouse Management Software

HAL Traxx Inventory is a warehouse management solution for warehousing and production environments. Like all HAL Systems solutions, HAL Traxx Inventory is real-time, browser-based and configurable (see description under Products).  These features combine to make it a higher value, lower cost solution.

HAL Traxx Inventory offers all of the standard warehousing functionality:

    • Receive
    • Label
    • Put away
    • Move
    • Quality Control
    • Production
    • Pick
    • Package
    • Ship


In addition, HAL Traxx Inventory offers many advanced features, such as:

    • Dynamic Bin allocation
    • Tracking of dates and lot/batch control
    • Quarantine functions
    • Directed picks
    • Image-enabled
    • EDI transactions

HAL Traxx Inventory can be interfaced with ERP/Accounting systems, shipping systems, e Commerce sites, and other warehouse applications.

HAL Traxx Inventory can be voice-enabled to provide more efficient picking.

HAL Traxx Mobile can be used to extend HAL Traxx Inventory to mobile applications.  See HAL Traxx Mobile.pdf.

HAL Traxx Inventory can be scaled to meet your needs.  HAL Traxx Inventory – Basic provides an effective starting point for entry – level applications and is value-priced.  It can be upgraded at any time with additional features as required, all the way to the fully-functional HALTraxx Inventory solution.

Benefits to using HAL Traxx Inventory :

  • Accurate Inventory: Improve your inventory accuracy to 99.99% or better. Eliminate time and errors associated with manual handwritten entries and data entry.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Large reductions in incomplete and incorrect shipments result because a HAL Traxx Inventory confirms that the correct item and quantity have been picked.
  • Increase Productivity: HAL Traxx Inventory allows you to pick multiple orders at a time with one picker, or multiple pickers can pick one large order.
  • Eliminates Internal and External Shrinkage: The HAL Traxx Inventory time and date stamps every transaction so you have an audit trail of whom, when and where for every product move.
  • Faster Physical Inventory: Our Clients report that typical physical inventory time is reduced 70%-75% and accuracy is also greatly improved. In some cases the need for physical inventories are eliminated all together.
  • Employee Productivity Increases: Typically you will see employee productivity increase by 33% or greater.