Third Party Logistics (3PLs)

Browser Based Third-Party Logistics Software

Third party logistics companies continue to face challenges when it comes to meeting warehouse regulations, labor management, and automation of operations. Thus, the high costs associated with many applications make it impossible for small to mid-sized businesses to find a solution.

HAL Systems, Inc. specializes in developing sophisticated, yet cost-effective software geared towards increasing visibility across business systems, as well as easing communication among suppliers, users, and customers. As a modern, browser-based solution, HAL Traxx Inventory integrated with HAL Traxx Mobile and HAL Traxx Assets provides instant access to every aspect of your business. Hosted “in the cloud,” our applications work through an Internet connection, on any hardware device.

With configurability, HAL Systems, Inc. will write the rules for 3PL’s, streamlining the management of resources with end-to-end traceability. Whether you’re operating from a fixed location, serving many clients, or operating from multiple locations, our affordable solutions are customized to work in your world, in real time.

Configurable Third-Party Logistics Software

The configurable nature of HAL Systems solutions work for 3PL’s the way you need them to—not the way some programmers think they should. Our pre-figured solutions provide all of the standard functionality of existing software, with the ability to add features that make sense for your business. For any type of distribution and industry, we’ll write specific rules for how your business should operate, while considering critical information. For instance, we can write the rules about when products should ship, based on their expiration date. We can designate which users are authorized to perform specifics tasks or move materials. When it comes to workflow, we’ll set requirements for prescription approval prior to the patient receiving the medication. In turn, we can assign the specific terminology or language to be seen on your device. From a management standpoint, we can customize reports, monitoring worker productivity and directed picks.

HAL Systems, Inc. understands that the realities of 3PL’s are unique. That’s why we’re committed to providing a high value, custom solution that is easy to use and affordable. We invite you to contact us today and challenge us with your business needs.