Return on Investment

Get Your Return On Investment

warehouse-meetingHAL Systems adds more to the mix than just selling software.  HAL Systems can and wants to be part of the total solution.  Expertise in design and implementation are also part of the experience that adds to the overall return on investment.

Your return on investment comes from many places throughout your organization.

Reduced direct operating costs throughout the organization:

Faster transactions means each employee accomplishes more

Reduce employee training time

Elimination of double-entry in multiple systems (ERP, UPS/FedEx)

More efficient slotting reduces travel time

Minimize employee ‘downtime’ in between tasks

Eliminate the need for physical inventory

Eliminate time spent fixing errors

Eliminate time spent ‘looking’ for inventory

Eliminate spoiled or unusable inventory

Eliminate inventory shrinkage

Increased customer satisfaction

Insure customer gets exactly what they ordered the first time

Increase speed of order fulfillment

Reduced investment

Less inventory needed to meet business requirements

Less space needed to meet business requirements

Less employee equipment needed to deploy with fewer employees

Less support infrastructure (parking spaces, lockers, break rooms, etc.)

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