Industries Served

Due to the configurable architecture of HAL Systems software, our solutions are applicable to a wide variety of industries and applications.

Food & Beverage

HAL Traxx Inventory is used for a variety of food and beverage applications. Key functionality is our ability to track ingredients through the production and distribution processes while maintaining traceability of lot/batch and expiration dates. This insures that all final products can be controlled in accordance with distribution rules, and that the ingredients can be determined for any individual final product if required.


HAL Traxx Assets is used for multiple applications in medical where control of critical items is required. Equipment assets such as mobile xray or other patient equipment can be tracked within a facility while keeping control for equipment status elements such as calibration date. In a hospital pharmacy application, individual Rx prescriptions can be tracked from the order to the pharmacy, production, and distribution to the nurses station or patient, all while keeping control of Rx criticality (normal, stat, now).


HAL Traxx Inventory is used effectively in many manufacturing applications. The bill-of-material capability provides effective tracking of component parts to finished product, both with discrete parts and measured ingredients. The quality control capability allows the quarantine of component parts after receiving if testing is required before being used in production. And the internal resupply rules can be implemented to insure smooth flow of products throughout the facility.

Order Fulfillment

HAL Traxx Inventory is an effective solution for order fulfillment applications. Order information from ERP systems or eCommerce sites can be immediately transferred to the HAL solution for quick and efficient order picking, packing, shipping and invoicing. Interfaces with UPS/FedEx can be established to transfer shipping information, reducing the need to enter data in multiple systems and providing overall order status on a single screen.

Tool and Equipment Tracking

HAL Traxx Assets is used effectively to track critical tools, both in a basic check-in/check-out environment or in a mobile environment. The quarantine function can track equipment status such as calibration date of service equipment, while the use of HAL Traxx Mobile can extend the solution to tracking equipment on trucks or deployed to a work site. Office equipment can be tracked amongst multiple facilities and locations.