Hospital Prescription Control

Hospital Prescription Control Software

In precision and efficiency, hospital pharmacies are directly related to the quality of patient care and productivity of hospital staff. Yet, pharmacies are facing challenges when it comes to tracking medications, which can negatively affect operations, not to mention compromise patient safety.

HAL Systems, Inc. has developed a “positive control” solution for monitoring and tracking medication using barcode and Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology. This represents a high value solution for prescription control that protects the travel of medication, from the shelf to the nurse’s station, to the patient. In turn, it provides a measure of efficiency and the time it takes for the medication to reach the patient.

As the engine behind MedsTrack, HAL Systems is helping foster an environment with real-time medication tracking that will reduce costs associated with duplicate and lost orders, as well as errors and misuse of medications. The browser based architecture of HAL Systems software allows for nurses to access medication status, improving patient safety and satisfaction.

Prescription Inventory Control

To adequately manage distribution of hospital prescriptions, a sophisticated software solution is needed that is configurable to the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry. HAL Systems advanced inventory control solution, HAL Traxx Inventory, awards businesses with all of the standard warehouse inventory functions, with the ability to upgrade for greater control. When it comes to tracking distribution of critical prescriptions, HAL Systems integrates solutions with HAL Traxx Mobile to provide around the clock monitoring of prescription inventory.

With features allowing businesses to designate authorized users, HAL Traxx Inventory makes it possible to identify the “whom, when, and where” involved in prescription transactions, producing an audit-type function. The result is increased accuracy in inventory, greater customer satisfaction, and improved employee productivity due to better accountability. The elimination of cost complexities associated with the high costs of client-server software paired with the browser-based architecture of HAL Systems, Inc. solutions allows for seamless interfacing among other business systems within hospitals. Notifications are immediate and visible to all users, serving the automation function that is quickly gaining momentum in healthcare organizations.

Geared towards small to mid-sized businesses with complex or unusual needs, HAL Systems, Inc. develops sophisticated software solutions that are configurable, scalable, and most of all—affordable. With over three decades of experience in application, HAL Systems works in your world, delivering the most complex solutions that will exceed expectations. Contact us today for more information.