Warehouse Kitting Services

Warehouse Kitting Software

In response to consumer demand for custom packs and product packaging bundles, businesses are adding kitting services to their warehouse distribution systems. Given the multi-channel methods of ordering and the growing complexity of product lifecycles, businesses need sophisticated software solutions to drive capability throughout kitting and assembly cycles. For small to mid-sized businesses that do not have tens of thousands of dollars to acquire feature-rich management software, HAL Systems, Inc. offers high-value, low cost solutions that are configurable and scaled to work with the changing needs of your business.

HAL Traxx Inventory is a warehouse management company offering businesses all of the standard functionality of existing management systems, with advanced features that can be added as needed, without the high cost associated with rewriting custom software codes. Operating “in the cloud,” HAL Systems’ software solutions are mobile, allowing for real time tracking and end-to-end traceability through advanced barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Users can access critical packaging and assembly information such as how many red lipsticks are in a kit of 30, and what materials were used to assemble the package (bubble wrap, cello packs, blister packs). Thus, from concept development to kitting to distribution, every operation is visible and shared through system interfaces, improving accuracy and efficiency in order fulfillment.

At HAL Systems, Inc., you’ll find affordable solutions that award your small to mid-sized business the sophistication needed to advance in today’s evolving market. With decades of experience across multiple industries, we work in your world, writing the rules to accommodate the realities of your business.

Warehouse Kitting and Third Party Logistics

In regards to Third Party Logistics Companies (3PL’s), specific rules may be required when it comes to warehouse kitting, packaging, and distribution. For instance, some companies may require items to be shipped as a kit, with one shipment. Others may prefer to ship in partial shipments as items become available. In the same way, the needs of 3PL’s are different in that one may perform multiple business operations in a single facility, while another operates from multiple facilities, serving a single customer.

HAL Systems provides solutions that are easily configured to work with the changing needs and preferences of Third Party Logistics companies. Whether your small to mid-sized business is looking for an effective starting point for entry-level applications or a fully-functional HAL Traxx Inventory solution, we have the ability to upgrade your solutions with additional features at any time—in the most cost-effective way. Contact us today!