Omni Channel Distribution


An affordable solution for omni channel applications.

HAL Systems technical advantages and application expertise make our solution ideal for omni-channel distribution.

The old model of single channel distribution has become increasingly out-of-date. As the market evolves distribution capabilities must react to the changing methods that customers use to place orders. Especially vulnerable are geographically based operations that have traditionally held a captive market, delivering onsite or through local delivery. Customers can now reach multiple sources through the proliferation of eCommerce sites. Large retailers such as Home Depot and Amazon control a large portion of the goods flow. And sites such as eBay provide customers with a way to identify low cost goods globally, and can have them shipped and delivered quickly. The result is companies face increased competition with lower prices, and must react to survive.

In order to remain competitive in this changing environment customers require technology solutions. System interfaces are required to seamlessly transmit information between applications. Different distribution channels require different internal processes, and the warehouse management system must recognize and direct the appropriate processes automatically. If the processes are not automated, mistakes will be made and the fulfillment time will be too slow to meet customer expectations.

The technology solution must be flexible to meet the individual process requirements of the channel, interface to other systems in real-time, and most importantly, be affordable. HAL Systems software is browser-based and configurable. It can work with any operating system, be hosted in the Cloud on a Software-a-a-Service basis, and be easily and inexpensively configured to meet any process requirement. Using Business Rules and Workflows, the software is configured using simple tables as opposed to requiring expensive, customized software code modifications. This results in a system that is inexpensive to implement and easy to change in the future as needs change.

HAL Systems has over 30 years’ experience developing system interfaces. We done the simple to the complex and with systems that are modern and Cloud-based, legacy client/server, and mainframe. Our experience allows us to get these done quickly and cost-effectively. As our Home Page proudly states, We Work in Your World!