Preconfigured Solution: Omni-Channel

Situation: A supplier of specialty auto parts was challenged by online competition from non-local sources that offer discount parts and overnight shipping.  Originally taking orders by phone/fax and at a walk-up counter, they have added an eCommerce site as well as offering parts on eBay. The warehouse must be able to respond to orders from different sources and process them appropriately.

Solution: HAL Traxx Inventory is interfaced with the ERP/Accounting system, the eCommerce site (developed by HAL Systems), and with eBay. Business rules are used in the warehouse to insure that each order is processed according to the requirements of the transaction. The eCommerce and eBay sites are updated with accurate availability information in real-time to prevent invalid customer commitments.

Result: Business erosion has stabilized as a result of sales through the new channels that leverage the existing warehouse and personnel.   Margins in the new competitive environment are less, but automation of the warehouse has lowered internal costs.