Successful Application: Service Equipment Tracking

Situation: An electric utility uses expensive, calibrated equipment to maintain its power plants. The equipment is checked-out from a central equipment crib 24/7 by a qualified service technician that has been assigned to a task. The utility needs to insure that only technicians qualified to use a piece of equipment are allowed to check it out, that only calibrated equipment is used to perform service tasks, and that the equipment is returned after use.

Solution: The HAL Traxx Assets solution uses business rules to insure that equipment can only be checked-out by technicians qualified to use that specific piece of equipment. Another business rule inures that only equipment within its calibration window can be checked-out at all. User authorization profiles are used to insure that only qualified members of the calibration department can update the calibration status of a piece of equipment

Result: No service equipment goes missing or can’t be located when required. All service is performed using properly calibrated equipment and used only by technicians qualified to use it.