Preconfigured Solution: Controlled Goods

Situation: A hotel chain needs to comply with state liquor licensing regulations. Rather than have each hotel location have purchase separately, liquor is purchased by centrally and distributed to the individual hotels.

Solution: Since the products are already barcoded with a Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode, no additional labeling is required. The HAL Traxx Assets solution can receive in to the central location, and each individual location can order in the system according to their needs, automatically creating a delivery tasking for the central location. Since all transactions are recorded and date/time stamped, the audit reporting to comply with state regulations is easily accessible. Damage reporting requirements are made easy by using the image-enabled capability to record pictures of damaged items taken on the mobile device used for the barcode scanning.

Result: The hotel can easily comply with state regulations while taking advantage of central purchase and storage of liquor. In addition, inventory levels are transferred to the ERP/Accounting system giving the purchasing and accounting departments’ real-time, accurate information.