Preconfigured Solution: Equipment Refurbishment

Situation: A company refurbished valves and other components used in the oil & gas industry. The valves must be removed from their installed location, brought to an inspection facility for evaluation, moved to a refurbishment facility for rebuild, kitting with new bolts and gaskets, and moved to a holding area prior to being sent to the original location for reinstallation. The SAP system used across multiple locations requires a very large investment to handle the various movements and tracking.

Solution: The HAL Traxx Inventory solution tracks the movement of each valve as it progresses through the process, beginning with the use of mobile devices to label and receive valves in to the system in the field. The quality control function insures that valves requiring refurbishment are identified and cannot be shipped out until approved by an authorized inspector. The kitting function controls gasket and bolt inventory and insures the proper components for a specific valve are included with the ship-with kit.

Result: Management can track all movements to insure that the refurbished valves are progressing to schedule, as well as manage replacement bolt and gasket inventory. Required inventory data is transmitted real-time with SAP to insure accurate corporate reporting.