Preconfigured Solution: Baked Goods

Situation: A bakery operates with date-coded ingredients and produces date-coded products. Managing the flow of ingredients and delivery time-effectively is critical to profitable operations.

Solution: HAL Traxx Inventory can receive ingredients and record lot and expiration date, track the ingredients through the mixing/baking process, and establish new batch numbers and expiration dates for finished goods. Business rules can be established to manage the use of ingredients and products and provide notice if expiration dates are within a set time. The HAL mobile function can record deliveries by location. An ERP/Accounting system interface allows orders to be download to HAL Traxx Inventory automatically.

Result: Write-offs from out-of-date ingredients and products minimized. End-to-end traceability from final delivered product back to ingredient lot is established to insure both consumer safety and minimize financial disruption in event of a recall.