Preconfigured Solution: Mobile Service

Situation: A battery maintenance company has 75 service trucks on the road maintaining the battery banks that power fork lift trucks. A critical replacement item is the heavy copper wire cable that connects the batteries to the fork lift’s electric motor. Unfortunately, the value of scrap copper causes them to lose over $100K per year in replacement cables from technician theft.

Solution: Using the business rules of the HAL Traxx Inventory solution, only the main warehouse attendant can remove inventory from the secure cage and transact it to the dock where the mobile technicians load their trucks. Another business rule only allows the individual technicians to transact inventory from the dock to their truck. Further, the technician must transact each item from their truck to a customer order using their mobile phone, insuring that the customer order number is entered to reference each order to the inventory removed from the truck.

Result: Elimination of inventory shrinkage, with the added benefit of dispatch having knowledge of parts availability on a specific truck before sending a technician to a job.