Preconfigured Solution: HVAC Service

Situation: A heating, ventilating & air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance company has 70 service trucks on the road servicing residential customers. Each technician operates a service van with replacement parts. The dispatch to customers, and recording of parts used and hours for invoicing is a critical element to profitable operations in a mobile environment.

Solution: Using the mobile capability of HAL Traxx Inventory combined with integration in to the ERP/Accounting system, dispatchers can view service van inventory in real-time and dispatch a technician that has the likely required spare part on the van. The technician receives tasking on a mobile phone, along with customer-specific instructions such as alarm code required for entry or dog warning. After completing the service, the technician inputs parts used and hours on-site into the mobile phone for transmission back to the ERP/Accounting system for invoicing. Replenishment orders for spare parts for the service van are automatically generated.

Result: Unproductive technician time due to manual replenishment and invoicing processes eliminated. Real-time knowledge of mobile inventory for both dispatch and accounting greatly reduces internal costs. Increased customer satisfaction by eliminating multiple visits to solve a problem.