Track and Traceability, Lot Control, Batch Control, Serialization

Track and Traceability Software

Playing a crucial role in fulfilling promises to customers over many industries, track and traceability gives extraordinary value to businesses, with benefits beyond compliance. Whether your business is manufacturing, distributing, retail, healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceutical, baking or industrial—failing to acquire a way to accurately track and trace materials could result in extensive brand damage. Unfortunately, for small to mid-sized businesses with complex or more than standard needs, software packages are often out of reach financially. This is where HAL Systems, Inc. comes in.

Sophisticated software solutions that are affordable and geared towards small to mid-sized businesses are the wheelhouse of HAL Systems, Inc. To keep tracking and traceability in the game, advanced technology called Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is used. In the form of a tag or chip, RFID is a wireless technology allowing for seamless tracking of materials “on the go,” while minimizing supply chain disruption.

With the integration of HAL Traxx Inventory and HAL Traxx Mobile, along with HAL Traxx Assets, companies are awarded all of the functionality of standard warehouse operations in labeling, moving, quality control, production, packaging, and shipping. In turn, advanced software features include bin allocations, tracking by date codes and expiration, lot and batch control, quarantine functions, and serialization, which become a form of intelligence and accountability for businesses.

At HAL Systems, Inc., companies will find high value, low cost solutions that drive capability for tracking and traceability needed to improve business operations, enhance the safety of patients, and protect business brands.

Browser Based – Configurable Software

Providing high value solutions at a lower cost is the primary focus of software applications at HAL Systems, Inc. While barcoding and scanning technology used is the same as other software solutions, HAL Systems incorporates specific elements that are unique and valuable for small to mid-sized businesses.

Removing the cost complexities of client/server systems, HAL Systems solutions are browser-based, do not require sophisticated devices, and are not narrowed to commercial applications. In fact, our solutions will operate on existing hardware. With a host system “in the cloud,” system upgrades are not necessary. These systems operate “on the go,” adding value to business operations with real time reporting, immediate communication and system interfaces, faster decision-making ability, customer satisfaction, and anytime, anywhere access.

Consisting of core characteristics that are reworked to fit specific needs of businesses, HAL Systems software is configurable. For instance, users can change the terms located in the glossary of the system to terms designated for their particular business processes. Workflow may be modified, and business rules can be re-written to make sense for business operations and security. Precise records of every transaction are generated with the time, date, and user.

Software solutions at HAL Systems, Inc. give businesses a competitive edge with browser based and configurable applications that work seamlessly within the culture of small to mid-sized companies—at a lower cost. Contact us today to find out how can help your business.