Radio Frequency Identification, RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Software

A technology used to track products worldwide, Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID technology, provides up to date information about the location of items, from production to the shelf to the shopping cart. Along with bar coding and Unique Device Identification (UDI), RFID in the form of tags or chips increases the capability of businesses when it comes to tracking and traceability. Yet, businesses need software to make RFID useful.

HAL Systems solutions begin with core elements that work together like a set of gears. RFID technology is part of this core technology. Even so, the real value of software at HAL Systems, Inc. is found in the configurable nature and affordability of even the most complex solutions. When businesses challenge HAL Systems with solutions to meet their specific needs, we scale features to already pre-configured solutions, saving time and costs. The result is a unique application that is browser based and customized for that business.

Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses seeking sophisticated solutions at a cost lower than its competitors, HAL Systems, Inc. incorporates over 3 decades of experience across many industries. Whether you are seeking solutions for warehouse, assets, or project management, production operations, part and location numbering, workflow, business rules, or other processes, HAL Systems can configure the right solution for you.

Sophisticated Bar-Coding and Tracking Software

Like all HAL Systems solutions, HAL Traxx Inventory and HAL Traxx Mobile provide sophisticated solutions for warehouse management and production environments. Using bar coding and scanning with key elements of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and UDI (Unique Device Identification), HAL Systems software enables businesses to accurately track and trace items. Relying on software to drive capability rather than expensive hardware devices, HAL Traxx Inventory is real-time, browser based, and configurable. In essence, it is akin to a warehouse on wheels, performing standard functions found in other packages, yet with advanced features written in to increase its value. Always a lower cost solution, HAL Traxx Inventory features dynamic bin allocation, tracking by date codes, control by lot and batch number, quarantine functions, directed picks (including voice), and image-enabled functions.

Configured with HAL Traxx Mobile, HAL Traxx Inventory provides optimal inventory management for various industries:

  • HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing
  • Industrial Battery
  • Industrial
  • Fire and Safety Systems
  • Elevator/Escalator

For a new competitive advantage for your small to mid-sized business, HAL Systems, Inc. can provide a stand-alone or fully customized solution that is scalable and market-tested. Challenge us with the needs of your business today. Contact us today for more information.