Omni Channel Distribution

Omni Channel Distribution Software

Survival in an evolving market requires software that is revolutionary. Thus, the idea behind Omni-Channel Distribution is considering preferences and experiences of all customers, not just the ones in a particular circle or region that are ordering a specific way. Customers in today’s market value multiple channels in which to connect with companies. Depending on the source of an order, for instance, the processes required are different. Suppose a customer walks into a warehouse or facility to place an order in person? Will someone, perhaps a customer service employee, be there to help them? How is inventory updated then? For phone orders, who takes the order, and what process is involved in placing the order? How is it shipped? What if the order is placed online? Each scenario poses challenges for businesses in inventory control, workflow, and customer satisfaction.

HAL Systems, Inc. helps small to mid-sized businesses advance in the changing market with sophisticated, yet affordable software solutions that expand the scope of distribution. In some cases, this may include developing an eCommerce site to give your business a presence in the online market. This type of platform encompasses customers on a large scale, and creates an automated flow of repeat customers and ordering. Even so, keeping interactions consistent and ensuring a seamless experience for customers is the primary objective.

Using advanced technology, system interfaces, and efficient warehouse management, HAL Systems awards businesses with the power of configurability, writing the rules that make sense based on the reality of your business needs. This requires an awareness of the importance of seamless business processes, end-to-end traceability, real-time updates with browser based applications, and immediate communication across the systems of your business. Finally, small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from complex and unique solutions that are easy to implement and most of all—affordable.

Configurable, Browser-Based Software for Omni Channel Distribution

A solid warehouse management system (WMS) is essential to success when it comes to Omni-Channel Distribution. Software that drives the capability of businesses in all aspects of the supply chain, with real-time visibility and system interfacing is perhaps the only way for small to mid-sized businesses to advance in a competitive, socially driven market.

As a warehouse management solution, HAL Traxx Inventory awards businesses all of the standard functionality of existing warehouse inventory systems, with advanced features added to fit the specific needs of your business. To begin, HAL Traxx Inventory streamlines the packaging process, allowing users to pick multiple orders at a time with one picker, or multiple pickers for one large order. Transactions are date stamped, providing an audit trail for every product move. Visibility and end-to-end traceability is achieved through the browser-based architecture of HAL Traxx Mobile, as users across all business systems access information in real time. Incorporating a combination of Warehouse and Manufacturing Management Systems, HAL Systems, Inc. configures value priced solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Contact us today!