Manufacturing/Assembly Software

As an evolving industry with many reformations, manufacturing and assembly based businesses face considerable challenges when it comes to production planning, cycle management and quality control. In turn, most vendor packages are too general in scope to fit the specific needs of small to mid-sized businesses with financial restraints.

HAL Systems, Inc. creates advanced software solutions at a low cost for businesses seeking a combination of warehouse and manufacturing elements that are flexible and scaled to meet their changing needs. For instance, imagine that furniture is being assembled. In planning, HAL Systems, Inc. essentially writes the rules for materials needed for production of the furniture by creating a bar code for each item. For scraps that are not used in a particular stage of operation, they are labeled and batched with a system in place to manage them for future use, which saves money. This type of sophistication is characteristic of the software solutions at HAL Systems, Inc.

In manufacturing and assembly, the HAL Traxx Inventory system offers standard warehousing functionality along with advanced features in a real-time, browser based system. Below are customized features of the HAL Traxx Inventory system:

  • Dynamic Bin Allocation
  • Tracking of Dates and Lot/Batch Control
  • Quarantine Function
  • Directed Picks
  • Image-enabled
  • EDI Transactions

If you are looking to enhance the operational efficiency in manufacturing and assembly with a high value, low cost solution that is architecturally designed to fit the needs of your business, HAL Systems, Inc. is committed to helping you generate transformational results.

Configurable Software Designed For Your Business

With specialized software to fit the manufacturing and assembly processes for small to mid-sized businesses, HAL Systems, Inc. creates configurable solutions that are highly effective at a low cost. Specifically scaled to meet the changing needs of businesses, solutions at HAL Systems are not narrowed to commercial applications. With improved functionality “on the go,” operations run with greater efficiency, communication and responsiveness improves, and users have immediate access to inventory updates. There’s no need to install software—and solutions work with your existing hardware.

Sophisticated barcode scanning and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags drive capability when it comes to tracking and tracing inventory. Suppliers can trace using serial numbers, and other item identifiers, or by customer or region. Given the flexibility of software solutions to work with any type of distribution, barcode scanning also serves as an audit-type function and for cycle counting.

HAL Systems, Inc. works in your world, delivering configurable solutions for less cost than the competition. Contact us today for more information about our software.