Inventory Control

Browser Based Inventory Control Software

In today’s world, inventory needs to be accessible to people across business organizations—both internally and externally. While feature-rich software costing tens of thousands of dollars is easily implemented by larger enterprise organizations, HAL Systems, Inc. recognizes that small to mid-sized businesses deserve the same competitive advantage awarded to large companies when it comes to inventory tracking and traceability. With browser-based software that operates “in the cloud,” HAL Systems, Inc. brings affordable solutions that are modern, customized, secure, and scalable. In turn, solutions work easily with existing hardware, releasing businesses from the cost complexities associated with special devices.

Using barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology, HAL Traxx Inventory optimizes business processes by identifying and locating items in the warehouse and beyond. The browser-based architecture of HAL Traxx Mobile extends the capability of businesses to track products, providing real-time, instant access to all critical information regarding the location and movement of items. The same technology is used to track company assets as well, with HAL Traxx Assets.

Whether you are seeking a simple business solution for tracking inventory or a customized option with advanced features, HAL Systems, Inc. is happy to configure a unique, high value solution that will easily interface with other business systems in your world—all at a lower cost.

Identifying and Locating Inventory

Working with any type of distribution, HAL Systems, Inc. understands the mission-critical application of software in identifying and locating inventory. This is why we specialize in meeting challenges that other companies might consider too small, difficult, or unusual. Thus, with the use of HAL Traxx Inventory, small to mid-sized businesses are given all of the standard warehouse functionality, with the ability to add features as needed.

Advanced capabilities such as bin allocation, tracking of items by date, lot, or batch, directed picks, image-enabled and quarantine functions, as well as EDI transactions make it possible to “see” products, know where they are, move them, and follow them. In addition, any and all information can be transferred, or exchanged to any user in your system in real time with our browser-based software. This serves an important audit-type function as inventory accuracy is increased.

HAL Systems, Inc. helps your small to mid-sized business meet and exceed the growing demands required to compete in today’s industries. When it comes to identifying and locating inventory, our programmers can guarantee an affordable, customized solution for you. Contact us today!