Full Functionality

Get Everything in One Great Package!

All HAL Warehouse Management System modules are available and are included in 1 package and you get them all.  This functionality is delivered through the use of software switches to allow turning on and off the functionality you need.  The objective is that you get program availability without the software programming changes.  The nice part is that you can do this yourself (we recommend using your test system to try out the options first or contact us for help).


  • Accuracy
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Rapid Implementations As fast as 3-4 Months


Event Notification via e-mail:

  • Automatic Triggers
  • Damaged Product
  • Special Order
  • Critical Inventory Level
  • Order shipped
  • Instant communication
  • Operator productivity
  • And So Much More so let’s talk…


UpState Farm Cooperative reports:

  • Inventory accuracy improved 15%
  • Month-end reconciliation takes 2 hours now vs. 2 days.
  • Physical Inventory is faster and “Anybody can do it”
  • Transaction history shows proper product shipped when customers question expiration dates.

This is only a short list of functionality.  So, if you have not seen the functionality you are looking for then let’s talk  call 770-927-0700. There is so much more available.