Food and Beverage Production Blending

Food and Beverage Production Software

When it comes to food and beverage production, each step of the preparation process has a unique value involving complex scenarios. For instance, if a product contains specific additives, how are the additives labeled, and which lots contain them? Are there legal regulations for every step of production? What materials will be used during production? Will they be reused in the future?

To tackle the issue of growing complexities in businesses, along with traceability in all aspects of food and beverage production, a configurable software solution is needed to accurately track and trace, ensure quality control, and remain in compliance. HAL Systems, Inc. specializes in developing sophisticated software solutions for small to mid-sized businesses at an affordable rate. Essentially, HAL Systems, Inc. writes the rules for successful management of inventory and operational processes through a customized, bar-coding and tracking system that is browser-based.

With a blend of warehouse and manufacturing functionality, HAL Traxx Inventory offers standard production functionality, with advanced features such as bin allocation, tracking of dates and lot/batch control, quarantine functions, directed picks, image-enabled, and EDI transactions. HAL Systems, Inc. offers high value, low cost solutions that will scale along with growing businesses.

Blended Product Management Software

By nature, blended products are “improvised.” Thus, standard or even industry-specific management applications simply do not provide the end-to-end traceability for every aspect of the blending process. Tracking the components of the blend is key, along with clear understanding of the ever-changing compliance rules. Operations may include movement of the blend from one container to another, additives, stirring, temperature, and weight of the blend.

HAL Systems, Inc. delivers the expertise and efficiency that will give a competitive edge to food, beverage, and blended product businesses. In purchasing, production, and shipping, our systems use bar code scanning, including UDI (Unique Device Identifiers) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to drive business capability to optimize and track ingredients, batches, and lots. With complete global compliance, our software solutions easily navigate across regions and regulations with anytime access through our browser based system, compatible with your hardware device.

Whether you are in search of a stand-alone system or a fully customized one with advanced functionality, HAL Systems, Inc. is ready to help with scalable, market-tested solutions—for much less cost than comparable systems designed for larger companies. Contact us today!