Bar Coding & RFID

It’s Never Been Easier!

scan-closeCollecting data has never been easier and technology has been embrace by the young and the older ones.  Bar-codes were new technology back in the 1950’s and used by the rail-roads and this same technology has never been more popular.  We don’t just track box-cars today.  We track everything that can support a bar-code label and if the bar-code label doesn’t work then a wireless RFID tag works out just fine.  It’s like blue-tooth for inventory.

Reading a scanner is too slow and cumbersome and dangerous?  Voice direction works out just fine.  Just tell them where to go, what to get and where to put it.  Couple voice technology with the verification accuracy of a bar-code ring-scanner and it works every time.

  • Handheld Laser Scanners
  • RFID
  • Voice is also Compatible and All in the same package


All of these technologies can work together with the HAL Warehouse Management System.  So, a hand-held scanner can be used by one user and Voice by another and RFID all at the same time in the same area and all working side-by-side to get the job done right.  Are you ready to see if this technology will work for you?

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