Baking Ingredients and Date Codes

Managing Baking Ingredients and Date Codes

With the ability to manage and track every ingredient in a recipe, suppliers benefit from a measurable quantity of received goods—simplifying the process of labeling, stocking, moving, and shipping, not to mention managing food costs. Such features are characteristic of the sophisticated software solutions in warehouse management developed by HAL Systems, Inc. Using bar code scanning, including RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, ingredients are easily identifiable based on batch and lot number. Finished goods are recorded, and moved and shipped with ease, while notifications are sent to suppliers when products are reaching their expiration date.

For small to mid-sized businesses, including bakeries, HAL Systems, Inc., brings innovative software features that will drive capability—at an affordable price. With the ability to accurately measure high margin items, suppliers can tailor their efforts to maximize profit margin, saving time and money. With batch control, tracking based on the date of production, and image-enabled functionality, clients experience more accurate inventory counts, greater customer satisfaction, increased productivity, audit control, and faster physical inventory.

Software for Baking Traceability

Bringing awareness to the importance of product traceability is the widespread media exposure of high profile product recalls. Thus, for all elements, including packaging and other commodities, business suppliers need effective solutions to guard against “pulling everything” from the shelves. Product traceability is a rising challenge among bakers. Imagine a lot number being assigned to every ingredient, batch, as well as every step of the recipe and food formulation. An established record of finished goods, including the exact ingredients, date of production, and the location in which it was shipped is easily accessible. In the event that a contaminated product is believed to cause illness, that specific product can be quickly and efficiently removed from the market. Through system interfaces, this information is seamlessly communicated in real-time to supply chains.

HAL Systems, Inc., brings configurable software solutions to bakeries, streamlining the inventory process as specific or bulk ingredients are accurately tracked using a browser based application. Without the need to access a personal computer or downloading specific software, inventory can be traced wherever there is a mobile Internet connection.

Scaled to meet your needs, HAL Systems, Inc., provides entry-level to fully functional applications for small to mid-sized businesses. Contact us today!