Certified Multi Carrier

Choose The Best Multi-Carrier Shipping System

muticarrierOutBound® is the leader in Certified Multi Carrier shipping systems.  The requirements by the major carriers to be certified as a partner is monumental.  HAL Systems provides this kind of product and can guarantee you the best shipping system that money can buy.  Ask the big carriers ‘Who’ and they will tell you OutBound® by HAL Systems is ‘Who’ you should choose.

  • Multi Carrier Certified
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • LTL


One of our customers reports:

  • The Full Automation has reduced head count
  • They are now able to utilize Contents Tracking
  • Their Volume Averages over 3,000 packages per day


For a food manufacturer – particularly one that depends on e-commerce – that same mistake may well mean spoiled product. THE SOLUTION:

  • Answering the need for a budget-conscious, simple-to-integrate system, OutBound® was able to provide an off-the-shelf software package that easily integrated product orders with its shipping system.
  • The OutBound® automated solution made it possible for our customer to convert orders (data files) created from its Web site and load them into the shipping system. An additional critical element of the OutBound® system is the e-mail notification module which lets customers monitor the status of their order. OutBound® delivers a consistent e-mail notification message across multiple carriers with a customer-created format that may include a customer’s logo and even a link to its Web site. This allows the customer to track their own orders rather than calling and requesting the chocolatier to track the order.
  • When a national $200 million company that depends on catalog sales and e-commerce has trouble with its shipping solution, there’s a problem.
  • In taking the customer from a single work station at a single location to “invisible” or unattended virtual shipping, OutBound® has helped them realize average savings of $162,000 annually after an initial investment of $30,000 in 1991. And after almost a decade and a half, the OutBound® system is still going strong; still growing to meet the customer’s needs.
  • For any manufacturer with multiple shipping locations across the United States, meeting shipping compliance issues is a constant struggle. This was no different for an OutBound® Shipping Systems customer specializing in plastic decoratives for a variety of seasonal uses.
  • Thanks to the OutBound® Shipping system, monthly savings in compliance fines has averaged $10,000 per month, paying for the system within a few months.

Put all of your shipping problems on the table and compare them with the solutions provided by OutBound®.  Get your shipments out the door and your shipping problems out the window.

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