OutBound® Shipping

Automate Your Shipping Process with Ease!

outbound-logoOutBound® Shipping Systems offers one of the most advanced applications for automating the shipping process. Since 1991, the OutBound® application has been seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems. For companies shipping parcel or LTL shipments with multiple carriers, OutBound® Shipping Systems is the ideal solution.

With the addition of the OutBound® Shipping system, HAL Systems offers a complete business solution, including web-enabled order entry and customer support, accounting, material receipts, order picking, inventory control, warehouse management, freight shopping and shipping. These applications are designed for small to midsized companies that have a need for some modules or a complete system.

shippingHAL Systems clients include leading third party logistics, food & beverage, catalog sales, chemical, parts distribution, and medical supply firms in the United States and Canada. HAL is dedicated to providing personal support to its customers to ensure their success in implementing new IT solutions that create operational and financial benefits. HAL Systems provides dedicated 24-hour, seven day-a-week customer assistance for all our products and services.

Our specialists help our clients meet every shipping need.

  • OutBound® provides an Automated Shipping System customized to your specific needs for maximum efficiency.
  • OutBound® has developed a state-of-the-art .NET solution backed by OutBound® technical experts.

OutBound has developed a state-of-the-art .NET solution backed by OutBound® technical experts.

With over 60 years of combined hands on experience in warehouse management and shipping as well as designing and programming shipping applications, we believe we can offer you the most advanced shipping solutions available.

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