Plastic Decoratives Company

OutBound Shipping Systems Solution Proves That Meeting Compliance Issues Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Customer’s Shipping Efficiency

The Challenge

manufacturerFor any manufacturer with multiple shipping locations across the United States, meeting shipping compliance issues is a constant struggle. This was no different for an OutBound Shipping Systems customer specializing in plastic decoratives for a variety of seasonal uses.

Adhering to compliance with its retail customers – while maintaining productivity standards and database integrity – is a must. When their current automated shipping system was faltering on all fronts in the fall of 2003, OutBound was called to analyze their needs.

OutBound provided a shipping system that would maintain label consistency and handle the shipping operation quickly, while not compromising the quality of the database in the process (a common occurrence.) The customer required more than merely a software manufacturer’s off-the-shelf product; they required an experienced automated shipping consultant.

The Solution

Following a two-phase requirement analysis, OutBound responded with a solution that was installed in less than nine months.

With the new OutBound system, label production was increased with great accuracy. The process has been reduced from hours to minutes, with the OutBound system automatically determining the number of shipped units, shipping weight and label. Meanwhile, by achieving maximum data integrity, substantial compliance fines have been virtually eliminated. If there is ever a problem, direct contact to OutBound Technical Support is available.

In addition to saving on compliance fines, productivity has increased substantially and its relationships with the carriers and its customers have improved.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the OutBound Shipping system, monthly savings in compliance fines has averaged $10,000 per month, paying for the system within a few months.