HAL Systems solutions use barcoding or RFID technology to track inventory or assets in a variety of environments – warehouse, deployed to site locations, and on trucks. Using browser-based technology and harnessing the power of configurability, transformational business results can be achieved. All solutions are scalable from Basic to fully-featured functionality.

 HAL Traxx Inventory and HAL Traxx Assets are modern, browser-based solutions and run over the internet. The core solution is run on a server and is accessed using the internet browser on the client.  The solution runs over the internet without the need to make complex network changes (VPN and Firewall pass through).  Any device with a web browser can be used – smartphones, tablets, scanners, laptops, etc. Individual devices can be upgraded at any time. All operating systems can be used – Windows, Apple, Linux, etc..  The commercial mobile phone networks provide a ready service for browser-based devices, extending the range of operations globally, including ‘mobile’ warehouses such as trucks.  Browser-based architectures provide the option to provide hosted solutions (in the Cloud) with devices operating using the internet, resulting in no network infrastructure to be maintained by the user.

HAL Systems solutions are based on a set of configurable elements that can be used to meet specific business requirements with resorting to custom software code.

The system features a Glossary that can be used to input the terms that the users see when using the system.  The systems comes pre-configured with common terms in English, but users may change any of them to terms familiar to their company.  Foreign languages can also be added . Users can configure their own help messages in any language.

The systems comes with pre-configured Workflows (sets of transactions that are typically performed in sequence) that are common to many operations.  However, the system can be modified to configure the workflows according to the business processes desired by the user.

The system allows for the user to define Business rules to prevent transactions that are inconsistent with allowed business processes. The rules are user-defined and easily maintained.  When an operator attempts to transact an operation in conflict with a business rule, an error message results and the transaction is not allowed in the system.

Authorizations are maintained by the system administrator and allows/prevents specific transactions by user.  It is also used to maintain individual login credentials, and the screen language and formatting requirements for the users device

All transactions made is the system are recorded, including the time/date and user who performed the transaction.  Reporting is user-driven using a menu of filters, which can create desired reports without custom report-writing.  Reports can be saved if desired for future selection.

HAL Systems can interface any of our solutions with other business systems, eliminating double-entry requirements and insuring accuracy.   We have decades of experience from modern to legacy systems.