HAL Systems Celebrates 30 Years!

Celebrating 30 Years!    1983 – 2013

In the corporate world, 30 years in business symbolizes strength and the security in this unpredictable marketplace. A successful anniversary is about past accomplishments and also about looking forward. This event communicates to employees, customers and the competition that the company has survived, and intends to be around in the many more years to come.

HAL Systems, Inc. is headquartered in the Atlanta area and has been a provider of software solutions and consulting services to its distribution and manufacturing clients in the U.S. and Canada since 1983. The HAL WMS is a highly cost effective solution that delivers significant increases in warehouse efficiency as well as inventory control.

OutBound® Shipping Systems offers one of the most advanced applications for automating the shipping process. Since 1991, the OutBound® application has been seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems. For companies shipping parcel or LTL shipments with multiple carriers, OutBound® Shipping Systems is the ideal solution.

A 30 year corporate anniversary is a once-in-a- lifetime achievement and that achievement deserves recognition and accommodation. We have seen a lot of companies come-and-go as the average company only stays in business less than seven years, those that survive and thrive certainly have a reason to celebrate. This is certainly the opportunity for a black-tie event as HAL Systems has never look better.

Aside from celebrating, this is an opportunity to look back on the accomplishment of HAL’s business goals and those of the customers that have been our best supporters. This is a time to say a big ‘THANK YOU!’ for putting your trust and faith in HAL Systems’ abilities.


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