Tools, Check-in/Check-out, Calibration

Track Your Tools With Browser Based Software

Specializing in meeting challenges for small to mid-sized businesses that other companies might consider too small, difficult, or unusual, HAL Systems, Inc. provides complex, yet affordable software solutions. When it comes to tracking and traceability of assets, HAL Systems makes it easy for businesses to get going with browser based software through simple, real-time tracking of tools between fixed, mobile, and customer locations.

Designed to enhance the functionality of HAL Traxx Inventory, HAL Traxx Mobile provides optimal management and tracking of tools across many industries with advanced barcode scanning and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Some industries include HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing, Industrial Battery and controls, Fire and Safety systems, and Elevator/Escalator businesses. Configured with HAL Traxx Assets, the browser-based applications at HAL Systems also enables businesses to track critical tools that are owned by the company and have been deployed to customer locations.

Operating as a service, HAL Systems, Inc. develops sophisticated software that is configurable and browser-based, giving users anytime, anywhere access to critical tracking information without disrupting supply chain distribution.

Know The Last Time Your Tools Were Calibrated

A variety of tools are used in industry for specific purposes and business operations. Production and efficiency, as well as quality control, greatly depends on the performance of these tools. Thus, having calibration records is essential.

While barcoding and RDIF technology is used to track critical tools, the configured architecture of HAL Systems software means that rules can be written for your specific business requirements, adding advanced features, as your business needs them.

This is how you can know when your tools have been calibrated. With the ability to modify workflow, business rules, and authorization, there is greater control of every transaction. A master list of tools that require calibration can be created with specific information such as item number, manufacturer, serial number, previous calibration date and next calibration date. Reports are generated and saved for quick reference and validation.

Providing affordable and high value solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, HAL Systems, Inc. is works in your world. Challenge us with your business needs, and we’ll configure a solution to get you going in the right direction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.