Studio Props

Track Your Studio Props With Browser Based Mobile Software

A clear advantage for any industry, the ability to effectively track and trace assets is essential to the flow of business operations. At the same time, the requirement for instant access to information means that businesses are finding value in mobile based tracking software. While standard software packaging is costly and suitable for larger organizations, HAL Systems, Inc. customizes software geared towards small to mid-sized businesses seeking a competitive edge in today’s evolving market. With browser-based mobile software, HAL Systems solutions are affordable and hosted “in the cloud,” making them a browser based mobile software solution.

From a fixed, mobile, or customer location, such as a studio, you can now track your props in real time with the browser-based architecture at HAL Systems. Combined with the innovative HAL Traxx Assets software, barcoding, Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology, scanners, barcode printers, users can have end-to-end traceability for all props. With the number of potential props in your studio, including cameras, audio mixers, monitors, microphones, electronic sets, intercoms, and podiums, gaining visibility and control of the movement of props will directly contribute to the success of day-to-day operations. With image-enabled ability, users can also assess the condition of props, which is important when repairs are needed.

From an application standpoint, the complex, yet cost-effective, nature of the browser- based solutions at HAL Systems awards users the flexibility to update or order studio props on the go, without disrupting the set.

Manage Your Studio Props With Configurable Software

Maintaining control of rules, workflows, and other tasks adds simplicity to the chaos often experienced in studios. When it comes to studio props, the browser based nature of HAL Systems solutions allow for easy, real time tracking. Yet, if props require special handling or instructions, specific rules need to be in place to extend the life of your studio props and guarantee that they can be used again.

HAL Systems, Inc. incorporates the power of configurability when designing your software solution. With rules relevant to your day-to-day business, we can enforce what needs to occur. Whether it’s managing the delivery of audio equipment or designating where wardrobe will go, we can assign specific tasks to authorized persons. In turn, we can require pictures to be taken when items are received. Specific terms used on your hardware device can be edited to language that makes sense according to your business. Providing a unique accountability feature, every transaction regarding your studio props is recorded by user, date, and time.

Eliminating the cost complexities found in other software systems, HAL Systems solutions are scaled to fit the realities of your day-to-day business. You simply choose the features that you need, and we’ll configure a high value, low cost solution that is easy and simple to use. Contact us today for more information.