Office Furniture, IT Equipment

Track Your Office Furniture With Browser Based Software

Through manufacturing and assembly, sorting and assigning item numbers, distribution and delivery—all aspects concerning the lifecycle of your office furniture can be tracked with browser based software at HAL Systems, Inc. Providing a modern, yet simple solution for suppliers and customers alike, saving time and money is a guarantee. Using barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology, as well as Radio Frequency (RF) terminals, users can easily track and trace furniture from point A to point B. With software hosted “in the cloud,” HAL Systems essentially puts your warehouse on wheels, giving instant access to data concerning your office furniture from anywhere through a mobile data connection.

With solutions relevant to your business, HAL Systems software can be scaled to work the way you need it to. This means that you’ll avoid the cost complexities associated with other standard inventory software packages. You simply pick the features you need, and we’ll configure a solution that works in your world. For example, does your office furniture require special handling? What packaging materials will be used? Who is authorized to deliver the furniture? With sophisticated means to write the rules pertaining to the workflow of your business, we can help enforce what needs to happen—at a lower cost to you.

Asset tracking is made easy with HAL Traxx Assets. Combined with HAL Traxx Mobile and image enabled for accurate asset identification and condition, you’ll be able to know where your office furniture is at any location.

Know Where Your IT Equipment Is

A critical asset to any company, your IT Equipment is an investment. Thus, knowing where your equipment is means that you can better utilize it and increase your bottom line. HAL Systems, Inc. provides a unique barcoding and tracking system, HAL Traxx Assets, to identify and locate your IT equipment. Whether in a fixed, mobile, or customer location, our software works with Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology, Radio Frequency (RF) terminals, scanners, and bar code printers to provide end-to-end traceability of your equipment.

The browser-based architecture of HAL Systems solutions paired with the configurable nature of our applications make it a unique formula for small to mid-sized businesses. Contact us today and challenge us with the needs of your business, and we’ll configure a high value, low cost solution that will help you advance in today’s market.