Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection Software

Entirely paperless and on the go, Mobile Data Collection is a sophisticated, modern solution, equipping businesses with a super-power when it comes to productivity and efficiency. The core software at HAL Systems, Inc. operates over the Internet, and is accessible on any device, including smartphones and tablets. This browser-based architecture advances the workflow of businesses, allowing for real time tracking and inventory control on the spot. While data collection is made easy, businesses greatly benefit from the affordability of HAL Systems solutions hosted “in the cloud”.

Decades of experience across multiple industries enable HAL Systems to provide small to mid-sized businesses with pre-configured solutions that are customized to work the way they need to. As your business needs change, we can easily add features without rewriting custom software code. From an application standpoint, the mobile capability of users across business systems to access critical information serves as an important advantage, enhancing day-to-day business operations with increased visibility and control.

Image Enabled Mobile Software

For warehouse and production to customer inquiry, the image-enabled feature of HAL Traxx Inventory gives invaluable insight to materials, documents, and instructions. For instance, an image of a product that is damaged or broken can be interfaced across many systems in your business to improve efficiency, technician productivity, and customer satisfaction. Whether in a fixed, mobile, or customer location, HAL Traxx Mobile makes it possible to accurately identify products, while allowing for quick decision-making, updating quarantine status, or reordering a new product—in real time. As a result, companies are awarded a higher level of automation when it comes to processing and workflow.

Advanced features, such as the image-enabled ability of HAL Traxx Inventory, combined with mobile data collection and configurability, make HAL Systems applications a higher value, lower cost solution that makes sense for your small to mid-sized business. Contact us today for a consultation.