Event Supplies, Weddings, Concerts

Track Your Event Supplies

While supplies are not the focus of your event, they certainly become noticeable when they fail to show up or when they break down. Thus, to ensure that your event gets started on time with everything working and in place, HAL Systems, Inc. offers a modern, cost effective tracking solutions that will drive the capability of your business to effectively track supplies. Using barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology, items are labeled and traced according to batch, lot, or serial number. From fixed, mobile, or customer locations, the browser-based architecture of HAL Systems solutions allows for real time tracking and end-to-end traceability.

For mission critical supplies that require maintenance and testing, HAL Systems solutions awards your business with the power of configurability, writing business rules and workflow sequences that enforce what needs to happen and when. In turn, accountability is measured with sophisticated authorization and reporting of every transaction, with user, date, and time. Based on the realities of your business, our solutions are easily scaled to work the way you need them to, without the need to rewrite custom software code.

HAL Systems solutions work in your world, with affordable cutting-edge applications for small to mid-sized businesses. With browser based and configurable solutions that are adjustable to meet your changing needs, we’ll work closely with your resources to fulfill your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

Great For Weddings And Concerts

Widely implemented by large organizations, asset management programs are essential to tracking critical supplies and maximizing profit. Yet, small to mid-sized businesses can also greatly benefit from the same sophistication awarded to larger corporations, minus the hefty cost. As the wheelhouse of HAL Systems, Inc., our software provides all of the functionality that your business needs, with configurable and browser-based solutions that are customized for your bottom line.

HAL Traxx Assets is a bar-coding and tracking system, incorporating Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology for advanced tracking of important materials and items for events, including weddings and concerts. In both cases, set-up and tear down are part of the process, meaning that materials can easily become misplaced, broken, or stolen. HAL Systems solutions allow for end-to-end traceability of your assets, from tables, chairs, dishes, and linens—to lights, amps, speakers, and special equipment and tools.

With the ability to write the rules for your event, including where materials go after they are checked in, and how they are to be stored at the end of the night, HAL Systems solutions are configured to streamline the process of weddings or concerts. With real time updates and instant access to information concerning your assets, HAL Systems, Inc. specializes in creating solutions to make your events easier, simpler and less expensive. Contact us today to find out how we can help.